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New York City

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We are a sustainable brand.

Our dresses are meticulously made in the USA


CaeliNYC/Caeli Couture aims to promote authentic femininity, modesty,
self respect, true beauty and confidence.
We also aim to help alleviate poverty and
suffering in the world by donating portion of our sales to charity,
especially the orphans and disadvantaged children.
About Us:
Ready-to-wear +  evening and bridal dresses in delicate fabrics
and dazzling jewels designed by Claire Burroughs Perez,
a fashion design graduate from Parsons School of Design in New York.
She loves to design for confident and classy women
who loves life and embraces beauty and dignity--and celebrates
it through fashion because she believes that our outward appearance
is a painting of our inner self.  She aims to empower women through her work
by promoting authentic femininity, modesty, self-respect, true beauty
and confidence. Appealing and feminine yet comfortable
and having an air of innocence and grace is her inspiration and philosophy
~ where glamour and modesty intertwine.
* Caeli is the Latin word for heaven or 'of the heavens."
Caeli Couture (Bridal and evening wear)
CaeliNYC (Ready-to-wear contemporary clothing)
We are a small sustainable brand.
Our dresses are meticulously made in the USA